GM / IDOT Grants


The ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation (ThinkFirst Foundation) was recently awarded two grants for projects pertaining to traffic safety education for reducing traffic-related injuries and fatalities. 

General Motors awarded a one-year grant, beginning September 1, 2018, for ThinkFirst’s project ‘Expanding Traffic Safety Programs to High Risk Road Users.’  This project will expand the use of educational traffic safety-related programs of the ThinkFirst Foundation by training injury prevention professionals and increasing the number of ThinkFirst chapters providing programs throughout the United States, thereby increasing the number of attendees benefitting from them. Educational materials and messaging will also be enhanced through media outlets, social media, and posted curriculum for public use. TF programs teach people of all ages to take responsibility in using vehicle restraints, limiting driver distractions and other safety measures for reducing the road-user’s risk for injury. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation has awarded a FY2019 Highway Safety Grant for Injury Prevention to the ThinkFirst Foundation, beginning October 1, 2018. This project will enhance and expand the educational traffic safety-related presentation materials used by injury prevention professionals for teens and parents of teen drivers. Programs are intended to improve teen driver compliance of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws and other safety measures for reducing crashes, injuries and deaths among new, inexperienced drivers in Illinois. Programs will be developed for easy modification for use by injury prevention professionals in any state. 

ThinkFirst Foundation Grant Awards from GM & IDOT: 2018-10-04.pdf