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ThinkFirst to End Distracted Driving

Driving demands the full attention of the driver. Talking on the phone and texting decrease the driver’s concentration considerably. Don’t even look at your phone, even at intersections—wait until you’re off the road and the motor is turned off. While some states allow hands-free talking on a phone while driving, most do not allow hands-free for novice drivers—during your first years of driving (GHSA, 2019).

Think Possible Podcast


The Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Podcast features patients, families, and medical professionals dealing with serious illnesses or injuries and is meant to inspire, bring hope and insight, and a message of belief that life after a traumatic illness or injury is POSSIBLE!


2022 ThinkFirst Virtual Conference

Please make your plans for the  2022 ThinkFirst Virtual Conference on Injury Prevention now. The conference will be held May 12-13, 2022

Enjoy two days of general sessions that will provide an excellent means of learning and continuing education on injury prevention and traffics safety trends.

Learning Management System

ThinkFirst Learning Management (LMS) is a new resource for ThinkFirst Chapters to find all program resources, connect with other chapters, and train for new programs. 

Programs and Training: ThinkFirst programs can now be found in one place. At the click of a button, you have access to PowerPoints, videos, handouts, and supplemental information needed to teach. COMING SOON - A new feature is VIP training and Chapter training resources. With pre-approved access, training materials and pre-recorded sessions will be made available.

March is ThinkFirst Awareness Month

March 2021 is the First Annual ThinkFirst Awareness Month. All ThinkFirst Chapters are encouraged to complete some type of Injury Prevention event throughout the month of March to promote ThinkFirst Awareness. Please track the number of participants, presentations, etc., and take a photo. Email details with photo to

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