Parents of Teen Drivers


ThinkFirst For Parents of Teen Drivers is an evidence-based program offered to parents of teen drivers.  We also invite their teen to join in for maximum benefit.  ThinkFirst For Parents of Teen Drivers, is a new 90-minute program, in partnership with General Motors and Honda funding, The ThinkFirst For Parents of Teen Drivers program is offered at no cost. Parents make the first impact on their teen drivers and are the number one influencer for Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law adherence.

Through the ThinkFirst member hospitals/trauma centers with the health educator in partnership with local law enforcement, parents/guardians/teens learn what they need to know about keeping their teen driver (or soon-to-be driver) safe on the road. Law enforcement explains the GDL laws to ensure parents understand their risks and responsibilities on how to best support their teen drivers. This interactive turnkey program includes a short video, take-home materials for the attendees, simple pre-/post- tests, and Q&A giving the parents the knowledge and tools they need to successfully address GDL laws with their teen driver.



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