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The risk of motor vehicle crash fatalities is highest among teen drivers. Studies show teen drivers are involved in crashes because of inexperience and risk-taking. Teen motor vehicle incidents are preventable. Proven strategies and a pledge to follow safe driving rules can improve the safety of all young drivers.


  1. Driver Inexperience
  2. Having multiple passengers. Even just ONE!
  3. Cell phone or device use 
  4. Nighttime driving
  5. Speeding
  6. Impaired driving
  7. Lack of proper seat belt use

Most traumatic injuries to teens are caused by roadway crashes— whether you’re a driver or a passenger. The good news is-- most of these injuries are very preventable. But it’s up to you to keep yourself and others from getting injured. 

Marlana's Story
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Decisions Matter. Use your mind to protect your body. ThinkFirst about your choices.

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  1. Wear my seat belt, every ride
  2. Make sure all passengers wear seat belts
  3. Drive with both hands on the wheel
  4. Keep my eyes on the road and focus on driving
  5. Never handle a cell phone while driving
  6. Limit passengers and avoid other distractions
  7. Never use alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs, and drive
  8. Follow the speed limit and rules of the road
  9. Safely share the road with others - drivers/walkers/bikers
  10. Be a safe passenger, and don’t distract the driver                                                                                                                                                                            

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